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Cold Storage Facilities

Cold Storage

Storing agricultural products is not an easy task. There are many ways to store fruits and vegetables. The main ones are: drying, freezing and cold storage.

The most common way is storing in the refrigerator. Fruits and vegetables, intended for long-term storage, should be healthy and have no mechanical damage. Damaged fruit cannot be stored for a long time.

To ensure optimal conditions for storage of fruits and vegetables, it is necessary to ensure the required conditions: proper temperature and moisture modes, appropriate concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen.

It is possible only with the help of special cold storage facilities for fruits and vegetables.

Our services include:

- Loading and delivery of fruits and vegetables to the warehouse.
- Proper documentation and acceptance of the production into stock.
- Sorting and storage.
- Back delivery to the specified address.

Our advantages and benefits:

- Quick and well-honed teamwork.
- Competent and efficient work with the documentation.
- Carefully selected personnel for each type of work.
- Modern loading and unloading equipment.
- Full circle of storage and transportation services.


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